Steve Mascarin Explains How to Get Repeat Customers for Your Business

Steve Mascarin
4 min readNov 25, 2020


A large number of businesses, in their efforts to expand and hit new targets, commit the critical error of neglecting or forgetting the value provided by their established customer base.

Pursuing profitability and growth is fine, but loyal consumers are the backbone of these goals, particularly when business is not necessarily booming. On average, it is actually between six and eight times more expensive to attain a new customer than it is to hold on to an existing one.

Steve Mascarin, an investor and owner of Taunton Village Dental, outlines some useful tips for your business that will encourage customers to come back time and time again.

Steve Mascarin from Toronto, Ontario, on How to Get Repeat Customers for Your Business

Terrific Customer Service

Delivering sublime customer service is always a top priority for creating a repeat a customer, Steve Mascarin says, and your business, from top to bottom, must supply it in abundance. There are a few beneficial steps that can ensure your customer service is consistent and second to none: make every employee aware of the customer service policies and confirm that they are prepared to follow them; develop support systems that sufficiently guide employees on how to maintain a tremendous level of service; brainstorm a system of measurement that identifies an excellent standard of customer service and reward employees who achieve it frequently; instill a passion for customer service within the entire company and educate employees on how vital their performances are to the business’ future; look to hover above the competition in your customer service methods; and pay attention to the customer’s preferences, requests and general needs. A primary objective of Taunton Village Dental is the assurance of impeccable customer service, made obvious by their mission statement: “we provide exceptional guest experiences customized to each individual’s unique needs in a positive caring environment that will astound you at every interaction.”

Keep in Touch

Although you want to believe that your business is memorable to the customer, Steve Mascarin affirms that you must reach out significantly in order to accomplish this. After a consumer is done purchasing, they need incitement to remember the company and consider any future repeat business. Your business can succeed on this front in a variety of ways. This could include communications through an email, newsletter, or phone call. Remind customers of how you are taking care of their interests. If possible, arrange a face-to-face encounter, which offers a personal touch that the consumer will respect. Be informative and relay crucial information that a customer might be interested to know. Also commit to regular follow-up calls that gauge a consumer’s overall situation. Implementing these measures, you afford your business a greater possibility to remain in the front of a customer’s mind.

Be Useful and Helpful

Steve Mascarin from Toronto, Ontario, on Being Useful and Helpful

With the wealth of information and the ease of accessing it now, customers are less likely to be sold on a company’s witty catchphrase, according to Steve Mascarin. But customers will certainly return to a business that is helpful and useful, like Taunton Village Dental, where seat-to-seat service is given to visitors, carrying them straight to the dental chair from their car. This provides a glimpse into the company’s concept of ‘operational excellence’, another of its core values, in which the personnel is comprised of hardworking, performance-driven professionals who function as one and hold each other accountable. When you become a useful and helpful asset to consumers, you earn trust, something that cannot simply be bought. Once this trust has been ingrained within the customers, preserve it by producing more useful tools, including guides, blog posts, answers to frequently asked questions, and newsletters. From that trustworthiness, you’ll quickly realize that you cannot keep the customers away.

Steve Mascarin on Give-Aways and Prizes

View this as a marketing expense (remember that part about acquiring new customers being six to eight times more costly?) and treat your customers to some much-deserved freebies. Everyone is warm to free stuff and, while your budget may be tight, there are many prize ideas that are a relatively low cost to you, yet highly valued by your consumers. Save the new model office coffee maker for another day; invest in your repeat customers.



Steve Mascarin

Steve Mascarin was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. He helps other dental professionals boost their practices and is investing in his own style of dentistry